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Master the art of cooking and arcane trickery in this exciting VR experience. Manage your impressive arcane powers to complete the most grueling task known to mankind, minimum wage employment.

Play as Morgan Fillet, as they rise through the ranks and become the best magical chef in the land. Harness the awesome power of fire to cook fantastical meats. Channel the chilling element of ice to put out the excessive fire. Even control the flow of time to slow down angry customers.

Currently Minimum Mage Meals is only a prototype, we are working expanding the game into a fully fledged demo.


MinimumMageMealsDemo_2.zip 132 MB

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Not a ready demo. I was thrown in with no sound and no tutorial. I quickly got lost and just ended the game. The only thing I can say about this game is that the idea is there. At the moment I do not recommend, however I will continue to look at it over for awhile.

That is very fair.  The current version is very much just the base mechanics with none of the required tutorials or polish to make it actually a fun playable experience. We are working  getting the prototype closer to an actual demo later in the year. Thanks for downloading Minimum Mage Meals and I hope you come and try it again once  we have refined it more.