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Nyooom!!! is a 4 player, one keyboard game about 4 roommates trying to collect their security deposit on their rental ship.

Play as Havarti, Bon Bon, Victoria, and Kenny as they traverse a dangerous asteroid field to get home before their lease expires to collect their security deposit. Kenny pilots the ship with the mouse, while the rest of the crew operates terminals to utilize the ship's systems to avoid perilous situations and blast away asteroids.

Bon Bon: WASD to move, Q/E to interact

Victoria: IJKL to move, U/O to interact

Kennny: Arrow Keys to move, Ctrl/0 to interact

Created during Global Game Jam 2019, this version has a handful of improvements that were unable to be implemented in the time frame of the game jam, but still retains the scope of the game jam project. 

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the executable file.


Nyooom.zip 126 MB

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